Protect Your Pipes From the Effects of Hard Water

We sell water conditioners in Miami, FL

Water with a high concentration of dissolved minerals, or hard water, can cause serious problems for your plumbing system. If you have hard water at your home or business, Vimi Trading and Distribution LLC, an authorized Aerus distributor, can help.

Our water conditioner can remove any excess minerals from your water supply with ease. Contact us today to get a first-rate water conditioning system. We serve clients in Miami, FL.

Stop hard water from entering your home

Stop hard water from entering your home

Hard water doesn't just affect your plumbing system - it can also damage your skin and clothing. Here are some signs that you might need a water conditioner:

  • Your clothes are fading
  • You have dry hair and skin
  • You notice spots on your glassware

When you're ready to install a water conditioning system, rely on Vimi Trading and Distribution. Call 786-683-2404 today to speak with a local water conditioning professional in Miami, FL.